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Randy has been one of the most trusted, dependable and technically versatile person I had the privilege to work with. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Randy for over 2 years, during which he has been our Technical Account Manager, Adviser, Problem Solver and above all a Well Wisher. He has profound expertise of many programming languages and best practices for businesses of the modern digital landscape that has helped us to keep pace with fast moving digital world. And, of course, his immense commitment towards our business needs, and calm and friendly nature under many difficult situations is a rare trait. Randy would be a true asset in the digital landscape and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
Mahjuj Sourav
Technical Product Manager - Digital Audio Video Streaming
Randy cares deeply about the technology he works with and the clients he supports. His ability to find creative solutions to a client's challenge was well regarded and he received rave reviews from our customers. He's a strong addition to any team.
Marty Roberts
I had the privilege of working with Randy for many years at thePlatform. Randy has an innate ability to quickly understand a customer's goals for a project and from that, design and implement a proficient solution. Randy builds relationships with colleagues and customers with ease and is all around a pleasure to work with.
Tim Sale
Director, Technical Sales
If you're lucky enough to work with Randy, you're certain to be impressed. Our tech stack is both broad and deep and to be certain, Randy ramped up far faster than could be reasonably expected. His tech chops are sound. Beyond that, though, he's driven, hard-working and supremely organized, yet still manages the "soft skills" so crucial to any public-facing role. Relationship management is often times more important than project management, but Randy excels at both.
Darren White
Senior Technical Project Manager
Par la présente, c'est avec enthousiasme que je désire recommander Monsieur Randy Weinstein au poste de programmeur-analyste offert par votre entreprise. En effet, en tant qu'ancien collègue de travail de Monsieur Weinstein, je peux affirmer qu'il et un atout de taille pour toute équipe de programmation. Dynamique, débrouillard, assoiffé de connaissances et toujours à trouver des solutions astucieuses aux problèmes qui lui sont présentés. Son expertise, son efficacité, son esprit d'analyse et sa vision architecturale ne sont que quelques exemples des nombreuses qualités qui font de lui un programmeur exceptionnel. Très satisfait de son comportement et de ses habiletés, je le considère comme candidat idéal pour votre entreprise.
Denis Deslandes
LesPAC s.e.n.c

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