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Consulting History 2001-2012

To see more recent work history see the Employment History section of this site.

Start Date Months Employer Job Title Description
September 2012 3 Critical Mass Java Programmer Java development based on Java Content Repository API (JCR) implementation for Nissan Infiniti global websites
July 2012 1 EnGrocer Java Programmer J2EE Programming and database architecture
November 2011 7 Intersect Mobile Developer
  • Software Architecture (Server and Mobile)
  • J2EE Programming
  • iOS Programming
  • Android Programming
October 2010 8 the Knot Mobile Developer
  • Extended functionality of existing iPhone applications
  • Ported iPhone applications to Android.
June 2010 3 Devlin PHP Programmer
  • Merged WordPress and rest-service backend into new Zend Framework site.
  • Designed custom single sign on cookie-based session handling on the new site to work across multiple backends and load-balanced servers.
  • Integrated many dynamic jQuery UI components into site to conform to design specifications.
March 2010 3 Teletoon Canada Unix System Administrator Database and Unix server migration to new hardware and network
April 2009 7 Hibernum / EA Games Software Developer
  • Rewrote Scrabble game in ActionScript 3
  • Integrated Scrabble game with Facebook API
September 2008 4 Visicom JavaScript Programmer Debugged and extended toolbar creation framework that cross-compiles JavaScript into windows Internet Explorer dlls and Firefox XUL.
November 2007 7 Papier Virtuel PHP and JavaScript Programmer Extended a PDF to Flash conversion system to convert PDFs into JavaScript /HTML/Ajax websites. To accomplish this I wrote an object-orientated PHP/AJAX framework that could read data from multiple XML, Json and SQL data sources and write out clean HTML and JavaScript on the fly. Programmers could place components and layout containers on the page using a simple, well documented Swing-like syntax using a single line of code.
April 2007 7 LesPAC PHP Programmer Programmed changes to high volume website in a complex environment of 15 PHP application servers, 15 MySQL slave and master servers, NFS file caching servers and image servers handling over 30,000 simultaneous connections.
July 2006 9 ClicNet System Administrator
  • Unix and Windows System Administration
  • Bilingual tech support
August 2005 11 IBM TechSupport
  • Bilingual first and second level telephone technical support
  • French to English technical translation services
October 2004 10 Aglion Tech Support First and second level telephone technical support
February 2003 8 Province of BC PHP Programmer
  • Managed large PHP/MySQL/Oracle transactional website for the Province of BC supporting 400 simultaneous user connections supporting hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually.
  • Acted as system administrator on production Linux servers during implementation of messaging projects, installation of new hardware, and during bug fixes.
  • Designed corporate website, small project management websites, intranet mail, bug tracking, calendaring and document management website, screensavers and promotional materials
  • Worked with telephony developers to support and maintain existing IVR applications that mirror web functionality.
February 2002 6 Brygid Java Programmer
  • Migrated mail servers to q-mail and reworked authentication mechanisms to integrate with existing user database in Oracle rather than system accounts.
  • Web enabled the mail servers to provide webmail functionality in existing account management application, prototyping in PHP and implementing in Java.
  • Reworked an existing managed JSP/Java/Oracle application to allow customer branding. Managed and trained graphic designers for this task.
January 2001 3 Bitmovers Java Programmer
  • Maintained and expanded existing Java code base for "Job Shop" application, including rewriting job search logic, writing HTML parsing routines and incorporating live data from remote sources using XML.
  • Wrote and tested sample applications for “Maui”, an event-based web application authoring framework.
  • Performed basic Linux system administration on testing and production servers.
  • Restructured MySQL databases for maximum efficiency.
September 2000 4 RewardStream Java Programmer
  • Wrote JavaBeans that integrate product into clients’ existing JSP pages.
  • Administered company web site.
January 2000 9 Global Media Java Programmer
  • Co-designed and built three-tier chat system consisting of multiple customized Flash clients, custom built Java Servlet-based middleware, and industry-standard Linux IRC servers.
  • Participated in the implementation of a Java Servlet-based page construction system using XML templates and XSLT stylesheets.
  • Acted as a liaison between system programmers and HTML designers during implementation of flash and HTML/JSP template systems.
February 1998 23 Sideware Systems Java Programmer
  • Worked as JDBC and Servlet programmer on chat server project using IBM Websphere.
  • Wrote HTML and JavaScript interface for chat client utilizing Java Servlets.
  • Built and maintained three company websites.
  • Wrote and updated IBM Net.Data templates and SQL queries to implement the company’s e-commerce storefront using IBM Net.Commerce and IBM DB2 Universal Database.
  • Designed, developed and managed the production of the company’s marketing materials, promotional graphics, presentations and stationery.
  • Designed and implemented a 30-minute Macromedia Director presentation for the PC Expo tradeshow.
  • Migrated internal customer database into IBM’s Net.Commerce framework