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Online Video Consulting

I have provided technical leadership on complex video streaming projects for many of the largest broadcast media companies in North America. Since 2012, I have lead projects for NBC Universal, CBS Interactive, Miramax, CBC, Corus Entertainment and Bell Media. I can provide technical leadership on any OTT, VOD  or Live Streaming project. Services include:

Video Playback:  I have led the development of custom HTML 5 players and native mobile apps for many companies, as well as worked with video players from many vendors, including thePlatform, Brightcove and JW Player. I have coded and integrated custom analytics, ad serving and other plugins into these players, and have extensive experience debugging playback issues and optimizing players for faster video starts, increasing viewership and maximizing ad revenue.

Video content workflow management:  I have helped numerous content providers, BDUs and MVPDs to optimize their content workflows to reduce transcoding and storage costs, reduce transcoding time for time-sensitive media, and to reduce the burden on content editors. I have worked extensively with many OVPs such as Brightcove, Ooyala and thePlaform (Comcast Technology Solutions) and have written software to migrate content between them. Moving forward I would like to concentrate on seeing what benefits can be obtained by moving video workflows into the cloud.

Video Analytics:  I have helped many content providers optimize their analytics to provide better viewership and QoS statistics. I can rationalize existing analytics, help with interpretation, and optimize analytics integrations for faster page loads. I have over a decade of experience working with major vendors, including Omniture/Adobe, ComScore, Conviva, Google Analytics and others.

Advertising:  I have worked extensively with video advertising from both a publisher and buyer (advertiser) perspective to place pre-rolls, mid-rolls and companion ads on video content. I have experience working with DoubleClick for Publishers, Freewheel, Index Exchange header bidding, and Moat analytics. I have also architected custom VAST servers from scratch into existing advertiser products, and helped publishers take advantage of newer VAST features such as skippable content, ad pods, better starting bitrates, and better error handling in both third party and home-grown custom video players. I’m particularly interested in gaining experience implementing server-side ad insertion (SSAI) at scale.

Open Source Projects:

This is a little utility which transforms the output of the BrightCove API into MRSS: